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Parks and Greenspace

Planning an Event in a Park or Greenspace

If you are planning an event in any park or greenspace managed by the City of Edinburgh Council you will need to apply for permission from the Parks and Greenspace Department. A list of the Council’s Parks & Greenspaces is available on Edinburgh Outdoors

The revised and improved Edinburgh Parks Events Manifesto was approved by Council in 2014. This provides a framework for a balanced and sustainable events programme within the city's eight most popular venues and ensures that the quality of the land is maintained to the highest standard possible.

How do I apply?

Please see the downloadable application form. This form should be completed with as much detail as possible and returned along with copies of your Public Liability Insurance and Risk Assessment to the Parks and Greenspace Service using the contact details supplied. Once these documents have been received the permission process can begin.

When should I apply?

It is worth bearing in mind that the permission process involves consultation with local Councillors and community groups and takes approximately six weeks to complete (it can take longer for large events) so we advise that applications are submitted as early as possible.

Other Information

Charges may be applicable depending on the type and scale of the event. There may also be a requirement for a refundable bond to be taken (if any damage occurs to the ground as a result of an event, any reinstatement costs may be deducted from the bond before the balance is refunded).

If your event involves any type of infrastructure you will need to be aware of underground and overhead utility cables, please see the information sheets provided.

More information about the city's parks and greenspaces can also be found on the Edinburgh Outdoors website.


In order to film in parks, greenspace or in a cemetery please contact Film Edinburgh

For drone filming in a park please see guidance and permission for the use of drones.


In order to take photographs for commercial purposes in either a park, greenspace or cemetery the form below details what you will need to provide to secure permission. 

To hold a Wedding

If you would like to hold a wedding in a park or greenspace, please complete the form below.

Temporary restriction of access - Section 11 of the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 

If your event requires an area of a park or green space to be closed or access to the public restricted then you might need to apply for a section 11 order. This order will allow a local authority to exempt a particular area of land from access rights for a short period of time and access to be restricted for health and safety reasons or to allow admission charges to be made. 

Not all events and activities will require an exemption order. If normal access is unlikely to be impacted by your event, or if access can be managed using temporary signage and diversions you may not require an exemption order.


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