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What we do

Working with partners across the city and beyond, we’ll support the people who deliver the events and initiatives that have made Edinburgh the cultural capital of Scotland. 

Two key strategies underpin Culture Edinburgh’s success — the City of Edinburgh's Culture Plan and the Inspiring Events Strategy. Developed in close consultation with the cultural sector, they provide the framework around which we’ll build the connections and collaborations that will help us achieve our goals. The strategies are also supported by our wide range of venues and venue connections, and by a powerful promotional network which can generate and maintain interest in and appreciation of our unique cultural offering. 

Objectives of the Culture Plan

The City of Edinburgh’s Culture Plan has six very clear objectives:

  • To ensure everyone has access to world-class cultural provision
  • To encourage the highest standards of creativity and excellence in all aspects of cultural activity
  • To support partnership working in the cultural and creative sectors and maximise resources to help them thrive year-round
  • To articulate the positive impact of culture in Edinburgh and promote cultural success locally, nationally and internationally
  • To develop and support the infrastructure that sustains Edinburgh’s cultural and creative sectors
  • To invest in artist and practitioner development, and support and sustain local artistic communities

Objectives of the Events Strategy

Like the Culture Plan, the Events Strategy sets out clear objectives, which aim to create and support events that will:

  • Promote Edinburgh as a vibrant, contemporary international city
  • Encourage people and businesses to live in, invest in and visit Edinburgh
  • Edinburgh Strengthen the city’s international relations and international development work
  • Generate support for city, national or international charities
  • Interest and involve the city’s diverse communities
  • Interest and engage young learners and help to meet our educational objectives
  • Help with regeneration where needed across the city

Providing the right venues

City of Edinburgh Council operates and manages indoor and outdoor venues across the city, including: