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New Culture Strategy agreed for Edinburgh

16 Dec 2022

A new Citywide Culture Strategy to shape the council’s Culture and Wellbeing service through to 2030 has been agreed by councillors.

Four action plans will now be developed that will ensure the city delivers on the strategy’s three main aims, that: 

  • All Edinburgh residents can easily access cultural experiences that they find meaningful in their local area, and everyone has the opportunity to contribute to shaping local cultural provision
  • Edinburgh is a welcoming and supportive city in which a broad spectrum of creative and cultural practitioners choose to develop their careers
  • Edinburgh is a world leading cultural capital, an environmentally responsible host city where ideas are exchanged freely, and the diversity of its residents is celebrated.

Edinburgh has a long history as a world centre for the culture and creative sector and the strategy sets out the overall purpose, vision and aims for the future of the service in the Council. Four individual service area action plans will be developed for: 

  • Cultural Partnerships and Strategy
  • Heritage, Culture Venues and Museums
  • Community Empowerment
  • Libraries, Sport and Wellbeing.

Culture and Communities Convener Cllr Val Walker said:

“The Council has a vital role to play in Edinburgh’s festivals and events sector and our Citywide Cultural Strategy 2023-2030 as well as our existing funding programmes reflect our direct and continued support, contributing to the retention of jobs, creative practices and future development.

This strategy outlines the priorities and guiding principles of our support for culture in Edinburgh over the next eight years. The pandemic had a massive impact on this sector but also meant creative minds have been hard at work to reappraise long term challenges as well as look for new opportunities. It’s exciting that we’re finding new ways of working to reach existing and new audiences and support career development of those in the sector. Following today’s endorsement the strategy will be developed further and we will ensure the future of the sector and maximise on this potential.”

Citywide Culture Strategy 2023-30