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Edinburgh's Cultural Map

28 Aug 2020

Edinburgh's Cultural Mapping Project is a partnership between the City of Edinburgh Council and the University of Edinburgh, and is University organised and run. Further to workshops held in April and May 2019, Edinburgh's Cultural Map launched on 28 August 2020 and displays cultural spaces and their contexts in local communities across the city, offering an alternate perspective of our city's culture that looks beyond high-profile institutions and tourist hubs.  As it is a live, updating resource, we encourage you to assist in capturing any cultural asset, venue or space that is not captured currently so that the map is as inclusive as possible reflecting the city as a whole.  Please visit the map at: Edinburgh's Cultural Map.  Should you wish to provide feedback on the map please do so via the Feedback Page where you can also suggest any edits to the map. You can also email any questions regarding the project or map to