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Diversity and Inclusion Fund 2023/24

02 Aug 2023

Removing barriers, Resourcing Change, and Sustaining Development

The Diversity and Inclusion Fund seeks to support the work and narratives of ethnically diverse artists and creatives which have been developed and delivered through multi-art form collaborations and partnerships. It reflects feedback from previous applicants, fund recipients and network members. With the aim of embedding and mainstreaming the work in mind, this fund supports greater visibility and recognition of projects designed and managed by ethnically diverse artists and creatives for the benefit of participants, audiences and the arts and culture industry at large. It seeks to invest in Edinburgh-based talent and promote the diversity of thought, ideas and expression rooted in cultural identities. This resource offers an opportunity for exploration and innovation to ethnically diverse artists and creatives who wish to share their voices and celebrate their heritage, explore intercultural dialogue and provide spaces and experiences for diverse residents to engage with arts and culture by including different languages, forms of creative expression, and engagement models.

Edinburgh-based ethnically diverse artists and creatives are invited to apply for funding in partnership with other creative practitioners and arts and culture organisations to develop and deliver imaginative and/or experimental creative concepts that reflect their interpretation, experience and sharing of arts, culture and heritage.

Purpose of Scheme

Grants will be awarded to projects that promote greater partnership and collaboration between minority ethnic artists/practitioners, independent creatives and/or Edinburgh-based cultural organisations. Projects should reach, involve, benefit and engage ethnically diverse artists/creative practitioners and cultural organisations based in Edinburgh.

The fund is intended to support projects and activities, including development and delivery of creative work and cultural events, that utilise one or multiple art forms, such as visual and performing arts (music, dance, spoken word and theatre), film, digital arts, literature and poetry, to promote greater collaboration and partnerships between ethnically diverse artists and creatives, other independent practitioners and cultural organisations in Edinburgh.  Priority will be given to quality multi art form projects.


We invite applications from ethnically diverse artists and creatives and organisations which meet two or more of the following criteria:

  • they recognise the need for greater representation and visibility of ethnically diverse work and narratives in the arts, culture and heritage sector;
  • they have a clear vision for their joint project, its outcomes and learning;
  • they present a mutually beneficial partnership / collaborative working model;
  • they commit to continuing and /or increasing engagement with groups and communities often underrepresented in the arts and culture sector;
  • they explain how this project is relevant to Edinburgh’s cultural tapestry;
  • they consider how the project creates further opportunities for development and / or engagement.


Individuals and organisations wishing to apply for a grant from the Diversity and Inclusion Fund must be able to demonstrate how their project meets two or more of the following funding priorities:

  1. Meaningful ethnically diverse artist/practitioner lead involvement and direction in project development and delivery (every proposal must meet this priority);
  2. Imaginative and/or experimental creative concept;
  3. Partnership/collaboration working - a City and Culture Plan funding priority;
  4. Use of multi art forms within projects;
  5. Planned demonstrable learning and / or impact from the project activity;
  6. Well-designed and informed engagement model with participants and audiences; and/or
  7. Consideration for multiple characteristics and identities often underrepresented in the arts and culture sector.

We will be assessing the likely impact of the proposed activity on greater visibility and representation of the ethnically diverse arts and culture and potential reach of outlined cultural activity across the city.

We want to see how you propose to use this funding and what you envisage the learning from the funded activity and / or the direct impact of that funding will be on direct and indirect project beneficiaries, including learning and development, engagement with diverse narratives and communities, representation of diverse voices in the arts and culture sector.

Our focus will be on what major difference this funding will make to the project (i.e. what wouldn’t happen without this support) at the proposed stage of its development and delivery.

Funds Available

A total budget of £70,000 is available offering grant awards of up to £5,000 to individuals and £7,500 to organisations for projects developed in financial year 2023/24 and completed by the end of December 2024.

Closing Date

Wednesday, 13 September 2023 (23:59 GMT). 

How to Apply

Applications and further guidance are available on the Council's Consultation Hub.

Please contact Beata Skobodzinska 0131 529 4577 or Sandra Elgin 0131 529 6720 if you require advice on your application.

Fund Information Session

Please register here for an online fund information session taking place on 15 August 2023, 2:30-3:30pm. 

Related Documents

All related documents relating to the Fund are available for downloading via the Council's Consultation Hub in the "Related" section at the bottom of the Overview page.

Fund Guidelines