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The Coronation of King Charles III - Street Party Celebrations

07 Mar 2023

The Coronation of King Charles III is due to take place on Saturday 6 May 2023. With a bank holiday confirmed for Monday 8 May 2023, you may be thinking about celebrating with a community street party during this period.

If you want to organise a street party, there are a few simple steps to follow:

Submit an application

As a street party or Play Street event requires a temporary closure of the road (TTRO), you will need to complete the Public Space Events Application Form. This should be returned to at the earliest opportunity (at least 6 weeks in advance advisable).

Speak to your neighbours

Speak to your neighbours to plan the event and assign tasks. Some people may not wish to take part in the celebrations, so please make sure everyone is aware of what is happening, when and where. 

Prepare a risk assessment

Undertake a risk assessment of the activities. This doesn’t need to be in depth or complicated, but as organiser you do need to consider who could be harmed and by what, and take reasonable steps to mitigate any risks.

For further information, please review our guide below.