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Consultation: Use of Public Open Space for Events and Filming

22 Sep 2021

We would like your views on how public open spaces in Edinburgh, that are controlled by the Council, are used for events and filming.

Stakeholders, including event and filming organisers, community councils, resident groups, business groups, friends’ groups, Council officers and interested individuals, have collaboratively engaged to develop and recommended key principles for the use of public open space.

This consultation is seeking your views on these recommended key principles and will help Culture and Communities Committee make a decision on them in Summer 2022.

The key principles will not apply to the following types of event, where different considerations and protocols apply:

  • Demonstrations such as marches, protests and political rallies.
  • State ceremonies such as coronations, state funerals.
  • National celebrations such as celebrations of sporting and other achievements of national significance.

The findings from this consultation will be reported to the Culture and Communities Committee in Summer 2022 and will help making a decision on the key principles and guidelines to be implemented.

Please submit your views online on the Consultation Hub. If you require a paper copy of the questionnaire, please call 0131 469 3847.

Please note, the consultation closes on 15 December 2021