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2023/24 Diversity and Inclusion Fund Awardees

30 Nov 2023

Edinburgh was recognised as the most diverse city in Scotland according to Scotland’s Census 2021. This Fund aims to ensure this diversity is encouraged, facilitated, and celebrated.

The Diversity and Inclusion Fund seeks to support the work and narratives of ethnically diverse artists and creatives which have been developed and delivered through multi-art form collaborations and partnerships. It reflects feedback from previous applicants, fund recipients and network members. With the aim of embedding and mainstreaming the work in mind, this fund supports greater visibility and recognition of projects designed and managed by ethnically diverse artists and creatives for the benefit of participants, audiences and the arts and culture industry at large. It seeks to invest in Edinburgh-based talent and promote the diversity of thought, ideas and expression rooted in cultural identities. This resource offers an opportunity for exploration and innovation to ethnically diverse artists and creatives who wish to share their voices and celebrate their heritage, explore intercultural dialogue and provide spaces and experiences for diverse residents to engage with arts and culture by including different languages, forms of creative expression, and engagement models.

A total of 32 applications were received requesting support from the £70,000 Diversity and Inclusion Fund. 13 were submitted by Lead Artists in collaboration with Associate Artists; 19 - by Lead Artists in partnership with Arts Organisations, 17 of which were eligible for funding.

The independent Panel comprising of Ethelinda Lashley-Scott (Multi-Cultural Family Base), Halina Rifai (We Are Here Scotland / Amplifi), Sarmed Mirza (independent visual artist) and Sanjay Lago (independent performing arts practitioner) assessed all eligible projects and recommended 11 project proposals for funding. The projects submitted represented a variety of activities, including music, dance, visual arts, theatre, multi-art events and research and development, planned to be hosted across the city.

The list of successful applicants can be found below. 

Alexander Cooper and St Cecilia's Hall - Raving Shiva – An imagined encounter of Hinduism’s Divine Cosmic Dancer with the modern technological world, expressed through music and dance.  [Grant award amount £7,500.00 | Ward: City Centre]

Andrea Ewerton Shorthouse and Axé Boom Boom - Journey through Brazilian dances - you’ll have fun, learn Brazilian dances, music and costume making, increase your confidence, and enjoying time with energetic community.  [Grant award amount £7,154.45 | Wards: City Centre, Fountainbridge/Craiglockhart, Leith]

Chantelle Micallef Grimaud and Zoë Alba Farrugia - Immigration Crisis: The Musical R&D - Five women with different backgrounds, move in together. As food unites them, their cultural differences meet at the dinner table. [Grant award amount £5,000.00 | Ward: Leith]

Dhananjay Modak and Edinburgh Diwali - Edinburgh Diwali 2023 - The only Public Diwali multicultural celebration in Edinburgh, with the theme of 'Unity-in-Diversity' for this year. [Grant award amount £7,339.67 | Ward: City Centre]

Eva Brenda Rodríguez Paredes and Edinburgh Direct Aid International - A Mural of Multicultural Relief and Reconstruction.  [Grant award amount £7,455.00 | Ward: Forth]

Flavia D'Avila and Yamil Ferrera - A new partnership between an existing multicultural theatre company and a freelance Cuban choreographer to create historically accurate pieces for play, 'Placeholder'.  [Grant award amount £4,924.50 | Wards: City Centre, Forth]

Hannah Lavery and Stellar Quines Theatre Company – ‘for us girls of colour making half notes into song when the haar is all’ by Hannah Lavery after Ntozake Shange with Shasta Ali, Clementine E Burnley, Anita Mackenzie.  [Grant award amount £5,678.00 | Ward: City Centre]

Onisis Villarroel de Reddie and Giles Agis - 'Carnival for Inclusion'.  Costume design and making workshops delivered in diverse and inclusive community contexts, with the work produced presented at Edinburgh Festival Carnival 2024.  [Grant award amount £5,000.00 | Ward: City Centre]

Oxana Banchshikova and Scottish Indian Arts Forum (SIAF) - SIAF Dusherra 2023 [Grant award amount £7,500.00 | Ward: City Centre]

Rianna Andrews and Community Wellbeing Collective - Community Created Celebrations: Tell your story, share your heritage, shape your future.  [Grant award amount £7,448.38 | Ward: City Centre]

Thabo Mokolobate and Pirita Tuisku - Research & Development for new work idea titled The Measure of Beauty combining Dance and Spoken Word.  [Grant award amount £5,000 | Ward: TBC]