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From grassroots to global

Culture Edinburgh is the key to successful cultural and event development in Scotland's capital city


What we do

The City of Edinburgh has both a culture plan and an events strategy. We bring together businesses, funding bodies, festival organisers, performers, artists, producers and venues to build on our city’s reputation for excellence. Our role is to implement our plan and strategy by supporting and facilitating the people who create and deliver the world-leading events and initiatives that have made Edinburgh a cultural capital of the world. 

What we do
People scaling up a large wooden box as part of a performance from Bouce! Edinburgh Children's Festival 2017 (c) Gaelic Fr

Meet our teams

Edinburgh’s Culture Plan and Events Strategy are delivered by a complementary group of services and people who will help and support you with every aspect of your event. 

Meet our teams

Browse reports and resources

We’ve pulled together information you may need to understand what we do, how we do it, the ways we’ll support you and how you can create a strategic plan for your event. We also provide regular updates on the progress of Edinburgh’s culture plan.

KEYFRAMES installation in St Andrew Square Garden, credit Lloyd Smith

Plan my event

The team delivers the Events Strategy through a year-round calendar that includes local, national and international events. They also provide information and advice on the management and delivery of outdoor events.